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Ontario, Canada

This wonderful province is home not only to Canada's splendid capital city, Ottawa, but a veritable surfeit of fabulous sights and attractions, from the world-famous CN Tower to the jaw-dropping natural miracle, the Niagara Falls. Add to that Ontario's 400,000 beautiful lakes, rivers and streams and 280+ stunning national and provincial parks, and you'll begin to see that this destination needs to be explored. If you're holidaying in Ontario, think about hiring a car, as you'll need to be mobile to get the best out of this magnificent destination.

Begin with the must-sees. Ontario holds one of the world's most mesmerizingly spectacular natural wonders; the Niagara Falls. If your nerves and heart can withstand it, take the 'Journey Behind the Falls' tour and 'White Water Walk' before dining at one of the numerous restaurants boasting the world's most spectacular views.

From its finalised construction in 1975 right through to 2007, the CN Tower holds the title as the world's tallest freestanding structure (at 553 metres, it remains the tallest freestanding structure in the Western hemisphere). Dominating the Toronto skyline, two million people visit each year, daring to defy vertigo by gazing out at the breathtaking views of the city.

If you're staying near Toronto, a couple of hours drive in your hire car of choice will bring you to the fabulous Wasaga Beach and the delightful city of Barrie, with its 300 hectares of manicured park space and countless restaurants serving mouthwatering cuisine.

Don't miss Ottawa's magisterial Parliament Hill, with its gothic, copper-topped buildings dating from the Victorian era and its stunning views of the Ottawa River.

This is where you begin to realise that hiring a car is an essential part of your Vacation experience. A mixture of unspoilt natural wonders dating back millions of years and enchanting urban centres of immense civility and glamour, Ontario is one of the many prominent jewels in Canada's crown.

With heart-stopping imagery and heart-warming hospitality like this, Ontario is nothing less than a glittering treasure chest of spectacles and tourist delights. Be under no illusions, driving a car around this fabulous province grants an unrivalled measure of freedom to explore all of its treasures.

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Why Choose Alamo Rent A Car

Why Choose Alamo Rent A Car

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